Hello and welcome to SIRIUSLY SARA – seriously, my name is Sara.

We will dive into a wide array of topics, ideas, projects, and more, Need a STEM project for your 4 year old?
I got it!
Need advice on how to deal with an overwhelming day?
Got it!
Need advice on how to cope with moving away from home?
Got it!
Need help on trying to figure out how to do Halloween makeup… you get that idea.

I also can’t wait to share my artistic works! I have years of poetry experience and am a little talented (modesty is my friend). I love making things, writing, and doing photography. Most of which I’d love to share here with you


About Me

Hey folks! So before we jump on into some posts and blogs, let me introduce myself!

My name is Sara Hardy and I am a stay at home momma.  I’m a pretty chill, laid back, and sporadically funny chick. I love eating, music, writing, learning, parenting, and being a hard core romantic (among more). I have been “married” (for all intents and purposes) for 5 wonderful years to my hubs, Nick. We live in NC after relocating from our childhood homes in western NY. We have one beautiful & cherished little girl, Monica. We have a Shiba Inu and a kitty cat that live with us as well.

My mission here is to put my thoughts and opinions out there and hopefully – in the process – connect with some folks.
It is my hope to have this be an eclectic blog that navigates my interests I would like to share and discuss, such as:

🔸Science AND specifically ASTRONOMY – cool facts and how I am a beginner star gazer and hunter. Also I’d like to look into the spiritual aspect of examining our existence beyond the stars and how it relates to humanity

🔸Philosophy and Psychology – specifically how it pertains to raising a little human

🔸Poetry and Writing – sharing my poetry and hearing what my readers share as well

🔸Music – an occasional review of a musical group or being a triumphant advocate of some of my favorite bands and their important to me. Examples would be Twenty One Pilots and The Tragically Hip.

🔸Photography – self explanatory 😉

🔸And much, much more.


So, come on this fun journey with me and I hope we have a beautiful and long future together!


If anyone would like to get in touch with me, shoot me a message on my social media links or zip off an email! I’m here to respond to questions or just talk. I LOVE to talk 🙂